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Anonymous said: I love you Lena. I wish we were still friends so I could be there for you right now :( Just stay strong and this will pass. You did nothing wrong and you've got nothing to be ashamed of. Eh it is time to move on tho, so please consider it. You're the best and you deserve far better.

Who is this


Anonymous said: where can i find your nudes?

You can’t


Anonymous said: Did your boyfriend have your permission when he posted that nude of you the other day or...



Anonymous said: Chin up love you're a sweet girl that gives life beauty so stick around, ok :)

Thank you :)


Anonymous said: Whys ur boyfriend subtweeting u and favoriting pictures of other bitches lol drop him

I know I saw


At The Bottom - Brand New

Front Porch Step - If I Tremble

/ mine

I haven’t made one in awhile so here you go

Who was I kidding everything still sucks and I still want to die

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